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HR Training

Earning an HR certification is an ideal way to show professional achievements, which may also help with career advancements. HR certification provides many benefits for both employees and employers:

Employee benefits

  • HR certification provides employee dedication to their HR career as well as their interest in staying updated with the latest trends.

  • Certification provides a perception of competency, qualifications and that the person is capable of performing at a higher level.

  • HR certification helps with group decision-making among peers because the certified employee's feedback may be given more consideration.

  • Employees with HR certification are often considered for better opportunities, higher salary and career growth.


Be a CPHR Certified

The Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) assignment is a broadly perceived level of accomplishment inside the field of HR.

It mirrors a conviction that the expert routine with regards to HR administration can protect the interests of managers, representatives and the business group. The assignment speaks to proceeding with acknowledgment of the carrier's polished skill. 
There are many professional benefits to attaining your CPHR. But the best evidence of the value CPHRs bring is clear. CPHRs earn more than non-designated HR professionals.



  • SHRM has always focused on making sure HR practitioners are seeking and attaining certification.

  • We are committed to ensuring that the certification our members achieve is recognized as best in class and distinguishes them in the marketplace.

  • This certification is the culmination of over three years of research, and based on the SHRM Competency Model, which was validated by more than 35,000 HR professionals around the world. These HR professionals identified the skills needed to grow and succeed in HR careers.

Be GPHR, SPHR, PHR Certified

Earn Your GPHR, SPHR,PHR  certification , Join Venky Training programs.


Be a Certified Recruiter 

Learn recruiting from experts, Source candidates from - i.e social media, Portals, Headhunting  techniques 

GPRH SPHR   certifications
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Be a Certified HR Analytics Specialist 

HR analytics is the intentional collection of data on your workforce and teams to understand their effectiveness. Analysing this data will provide you with useful insights into which areas could be optimized to improve your business functions.

For example, a recruitment agency might collect analytics on individual performances by tracking the number of people they've hired each month. This could help identify return on investment from each employee.

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Be a Certified Strategic HR

Strategic HR partners can help drive individual, team, and organizational performance by:

  • Connecting HR efforts and initiatives to business goals

  • Collaborating with leadership to communicate the company mission and strategy

  • Building HR programs, policies, and initiatives strategically

Enhance your Career Growth

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